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patterns and landscape

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patterns and landscape

AA School of Architecture News

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

AA School of Architecture News.

Domus features ‘Expandable Surface System’ thesis by EmTech 2011 students Pablo Esteban Zamorano, Nacho Martí and Jacob Bek
‘Sustainability is commonly perceived as the antithesis of indulgence. But is environmental responsibility really all about renouncing enjoyment, lightness and humour? A new breed of designers is finding ways to combine ideological commitments with life’s pleasures, revealing an untapped realm of opportunity at the convergence between greenness and gratification.’The article, part of the series ‘States of Design’, by MoMA curator Paola Antonelli in the January issue of Domus (issue 954), focuses on green design and featured the AA thesis project. Titled ‘Expandable Surface System’, it  was developed by Pablo Esteban Zamorano, Nacho Martí and Jacob Bek, for the EmTech Masters in 2011. It researched into complex geometries and cutting patterns in plywood sheets, pushing the boundaries of standard plywood sheet material and digital fabrication.

As part of the research the students  fabricated several prototypes and one of them, ‘Expandable Surface Pavilion’, a small meeting-room pavilion for the Spoga Exhibition in Cologne, Germany, is being featured in Domus (page 104). It has also been featured in several design blogs like FRAME, Design boom, among others. It will be also featured in Vogue-Australia in March.

DOMUS magazine

Friday, January 20th, 2012

Paola Antonelli, Critic and MoMA curator, has featured us on her article about Green Design in Domus this month!

As part of the “States of Design” series, Paola Antonelli talks about Green Design on the January issue of DOMUS magazine. She explores the approach of “ZERO WASTE” in Architecture using our Expandable Surface Pavilion as an example.

The Act of Memory

Thursday, December 8th, 2011

The act of memory

Atlantic city boardwalk Holocaust Memorial


The holocaust striped uniform, a second skin used to mark and recognize. Just a piece of fabric, that keeps memories in every thread.


The fabric is projected into the site. Every stripe is now land and void, it contains depth. They become the measure.


This new striped land creates a dual experience. On top (outside) the “meditation plaza”, a peaceful open public space, facing the horizon in an irregular floor. On the inside “the memorial of souls”, a sequence of translucent planes containing white dots, as Jewish souls, are lit up by the sun coming from the gaps above between stripes, creating a quiet and never ending atmosphere, where the outside sounds are perceptible as a notion, as whispers of people, waves and wind.

The experience is now spatial, becoming an act of memory.

Inhabitat:Expandable Surface Pavilion Makes Use of Sustainable Fabrication Processes Read more: Expandable Surface Pavilion Makes Use of Sustainable Fabrication Processes

Friday, December 2nd, 2011

Inhabitat has posted a story on the E.S.P. You can read it here!

FRAME Magazine

Sunday, November 27th, 2011

Frame has published the EmTech Wall today in its blog, check the link here!

Hooke Park FAB

Friday, November 25th, 2011

This video compiles the fabrication process of the EmTech exhibition wall. The 3.2×1.2mt. plywood sheets were shipped to hooke park and we arrive just with a piece of G-Code for the CNC and the best team of people composed by our friends from the programme!

Project Title: Expandable Surface Wall
Location: London, England, UK
Architectural Association – Emergent Technologies and Design (EmTech)
Project Year: 2011
Design Team: Nacho Martí, Pablo Zamorano, Jacob Bek
Fabrication Team: Cesar Martinez, Gabriel Ivorra Morell, Yasaman Mousavi, Sebastian Partowidjojo, Sahil Jain, Jeroen Janssen, Nico Martí

Contact Details:

Thanks to our director and editor Sahil Jain!


Thursday, November 24th, 2011

The web publication from FRAME magazine is featuring the expandable surface pavilion. F: “A geometric birchwood pavilion and meeting room was created an experiment in pushing the boundaries of standard plywood fabrication.” Check the story here!

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