Digital exploration and material systems, merged as a tool to design and fabricate, have driven my professional development. From early on in my career, I have applied concepts such as parametric design and smart geometries to a broad variety of projects. On 2011 my dissertation project for the Emergent Technologies and Design programme at the Architectural Association explored the performance of geometrically-controlled structural plywood surfaces. It was exhibited in London and built in Cologne, Germany.

For over ten years I have worked in a wide range of projects, from small to largescale, in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, the US and Latin America. These projects include residential and commercial buildings, educational facilities, social housing, high-rise towers and master planning.

My experience also encompasses leading project teams and coordinating with international engineers and consultants using Building Information Modeling (BIM) and parametric models, from the early stages of design through construction documentation, as well as presenting to clients.

My work has been exhibited and recognised through awards and publications on various occasions.

I currently live in London.

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