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The Act of Memory

Thursday, December 8th, 2011

The act of memory

Atlantic city boardwalk Holocaust Memorial


The holocaust striped uniform, a second skin used to mark and recognize. Just a piece of fabric, that keeps memories in every thread.


The fabric is projected into the site. Every stripe is now land and void, it contains depth. They become the measure.


This new striped land creates a dual experience. On top (outside) the “meditation plaza”, a peaceful open public space, facing the horizon in an irregular floor. On the inside “the memorial of souls”, a sequence of translucent planes containing white dots, as Jewish souls, are lit up by the sun coming from the gaps above between stripes, creating a quiet and never ending atmosphere, where the outside sounds are perceptible as a notion, as whispers of people, waves and wind.

The experience is now spatial, becoming an act of memory.

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